Physical Education, Games and Sport

At Apley Wood Primary School, we believe that our PE and sports curriculum encompasses a range of skills and experiences that children will participate in during their time at school. We deliver the PE curriculum using a thematic approach and provide every child with the opportunity to participate in a range of physical activities both within lessons and as part of extra-curricular activities. Throughout our curriculum we aim to promote an understanding of the world around us, cultural variety and to prepare children with skills and understanding needed for later life.

Our curriculum is delivered through exciting and engaging learning opportunities for our children both in school and out. We deliver inclusive PE lessons and aim to ensure that all children are motivated and engaged across a variety of physical activities. We strive to ensure the skills and positive values of sport, fitness and healthy lifestyles is embedded into our school ethos and aspire to create an environment where all children can learn and achieve with self-confidence.

Our PE Subject Leader is Miss Whitehouse.

Our Sport’s Co-ordinator is Miss Cassidy.

PE Curriculum Intent and Implementation

PE Fundamentals Whole school progression