Parent Feedback

At Apley Wood Primary School, we like to work closely with parents, carers and the local community to ensure that every child is provided with everything they need to succeed at school. If you feel there are any issues we should be made aware of, or there is anything you would like to discuss with us, please do not hesitate to contact the school office and book an appointment with an appropriate member of staff.

Your feedback is very important to us. Thank you for all of your comments they really do help us to shape future plans and improvements.

Each year we complete surveys for parents and pupils to give us feedback about our school, what we do well and what we may need to work on together.

If you haven’t given your views so far this year, please go to Parent View and share them with us.


Here are some headlines from our May 2019 survey:

    Strongly agree Agree
1 My child feels is happy at this school. 49% 48%
2 My child feels safe at this school. 50% 49%
3 My child makes good progress at this school. 55% 42%
4 My child is well looked after at this school. 52% 43%
5 My child is taught well at this school. 54% 42%
6 My child receives appropriate homework for their age. 45% 50%
7 This school makes sure its pupils are well behaved. 38% 50%
8 This school deals effectively with bullying. 36% 34%
9 This school is well led and managed. 50% 45%
10 This school helps me to support my child’s learning. 35% 58%
11 This school responds well to any concerns I raise. 38% 47%
12 I receive valuable information from the school about my child’s progress. 42% 50%
13 Would you recommend this school to another parent Yes 97%

Here are some examples of the comments we received from parents when asked to list the things that they felt the school did well:

  • Teachers are always available and willing to listen to any queries/ questions
  • High expectations/ emphasis on importance of reading
  • Supportive learning environment/ sports opportunities available, excellent behaviour of children when on school visits
  • The range of after school clubs and pastoral care- family centred
  • The school offers a wide curriculum with lots of experiences offered to the children. My child feels safe and happy to learn
  • Children are well behaved and taught well
  • The school is well managed, my child is happy at school and teaching is very good
  • Keeping parents up to date, always on hand to help with concerns, makes the children feel comfortable
  • Communication with parents, care for my child, behaviour
  • Excellent teaching staff who really care about the pupils
  • Makes learning interesting- rewarding good behaviour

You said…..

we did…

Less pressure on parents to escort pupils to events- fundraise for a minibus We have investigated the lease or purchase of a mini bus because this would be an amazing resource for us. However, due to current budgetary restraints we would find it difficult to fund the running costs of a mini bus and the money spent could be better used for resources for our children within classes.
Some parents felt that they don’t know what their children are learning. Our website is being upgraded in December 2020 to ensure the subject and curriculum information is easier to find. We will continue to send out a brief attainment and progress report at the end of each term.
No facilities to pick or drop off pupils with car and parking is a problem around school Unfortunately, like most primary schools, there is not enough space on site for parents to park. For health and safety reasons we do not allow parents to use the staff car park. We are fortunate that we have many walking routes into school and the best option would be to park near to one of these and walk for a short distance to school. This would ease congestion directly around the school site and keep our children safer and more healthy.
Improve food in the hub- it’s often not enough As the hub is an after school childcare provision that finishes at 6pm we only offer a snack as children go home to have dinner with their parents. If we provided a larger meal then children may not eat their main meal in the evening when at home.

Feedback from pupil reports Summer 2020

‘XXX’s report is excellent, and he is making great progress’. Year 5

‘Thank you all at Apley for looking after XXX in these difficult times. A very lovely report. Thank you. ‘ Year 6

‘We are very proud of XXX’s report. He has loved his first year at school and managed the lockdown disruption extremely well. He has made good progress in his learning and we are very proud. Thank you.’  Reception

‘Thank you for a lovely report, he keeps making us proud.  Thanks for everything you’ve done for him at his time at Apley. Sad he is leaving!’ Year 6

‘We are very pleased on how XXX has settled into her first year at Apley wood. Her confidence has blossomed and the hard work is evident in her work.’ Year 3

‘Really pleased with XXX progress this year.  He is looking forward to Year 1.’  Reception

‘We are so proud and pleased with XXX’s report which captures her perfectly.  Thank you to the staff for their help and support.’ Year 2

‘Very pleased with XXX’ progress.  He seems to have more confidence every year.’ Year 4