img_6699_forwebAt Apley Wood Primary School we deliver an imaginative and inspiring curriculum with a focus on key skills and independence to ensure our children understand the diversity of the world around us, their place within it and the skills they need to succeed. To do this we have a strong ethos of hard work coupled with fun and engaging learning opportunities. We have strong links with our local community and operate an open door policy inviting the school community and external visitors into our school frequently.


What is our Intent? What are we trying to achieve with our curriculum?

At Apley Wood Primary School we believe that the curriculum encompasses every experience children participate in during their time at school. With transferable skills in Maths and English at the heart of the curriculum, we offer a creative, exciting and challenging curriculum designed to ‘feed the mind and free the imagination’ for all pupils. This captures the inclusive nature and high aspirations of our school. Throughout our curriculum we aim to promote an understanding of our local community and local issues whilst also linking these to sustainability and an awareness of wider global issues in order to prepare children with the skills and understanding needed for later life.


How do we deliver our curriculum?

Our curriculum is delivered through exciting and engaging learning opportunities for our children both in school and out: lessons, theme days, assemblies, extra curricular activities, sports, Arts, visits, workshops, residentials, and fundraising. We deliver Maths, English, Science, the National Curriculum Foundation subjects and Character Education using a thematic approach or through the teaching of specific skills including Building Learning Power.

We accomplish this through:

Placing teaching and learning at the heart of everything we do; Delivering innovative and effective teaching and learning with links between subject areas; Working in partnership with the local community and businesses; Providing an exciting, broad and challenging learning experience; Promoting a ‘Have a go’ culture where children have the confidence to challenge themselves as learners in order to become independent and resilient; Working with parents and carers to develop their confidence to be able to support the learning and behaviour of their children; Working in partnership with and supporting other schools to continually develop our practice.


Impact. What is the Impact of our curriculum? What difference is our curriculum making to our pupils?

School leaders and teachers regularly measure the impact of our curriculum through the monitoring of teaching and learning, monitoring of behaviour, assessment and on-going self review. We talk to children and parents, we undertake learning walks, we look at books and we review the curriculum as subject leaders. We aim that the impact will be that children will be academically prepared for the next phase of their education, are motivated to succeed and achieve and are equipped with all the personal skills to do this.

Read more about our curriculum on the pages below:

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Feedback & Marking

Pupil feedback makes the biggest possible difference in supporting learning and helping children make the best possible progress. This comes in a variety of forms from verbal feedback, pupil self-assessment and feedback in marking. At Apley Wood we are proud of the way we have developed a culture of feedback in marking. We provide children with opportunities to address misconceptions (‘Close the Gap’ tasks), offering them extension tasks (which can be in the form of ‘Convince me..’ statements) and next steps.





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