A high-quality Geography education will help pupils gain a coherent knowledge and understanding of their local area and the wider world. It provides children with a foundation for understanding both their local geography and the wider world, an opportunity to explore current geographical issues, make comparisons between different parts of the world and gives children the enjoyment and curiosity to become enthusiastic geographers. At Apley Wood Primary School, we deliver the geography curriculum using a thematic approach and through developing transferable geographical skills and knowledge. We offer creative, exciting and challenging geography topics to capture the imagination of all pupils.

In our Geography curriculum, we aim to promote an understanding of the geography in our local area as well as contrasting geographical places around the world through the progression of skills and knowledge from EYFS to KS2. Our Geography curriculum provides children with the opportunity to overlearn skills throughout the key stages and ensures that they develop these key geographical skills which enables them to become enthusiastic geographers. We offer exciting and engaging learning opportunities through lessons, visits, trips and workshops. Strong cross-curricular links with Maths and English are developed through Geography teaching and learning and develop specific skills including Building Learning Power.

Our Geography subject leaders are: Miss Craig and Mrs Bennett

Please see the resources below for more information about how your child will learn Geography.

Geography Curriculum intent and implementation

Whole School Geography Progression