Show Racism the Red Card

Show Racism the Red Card


The Safeguarding Squad did an excellent job talking to the whole school in this mornings assembly all about how racism is not only harmful and can affect others but also how it will not be tolerated whether that is in or out of school.


These messages have then since been sent around to classes where Teachers, HLTA’s, TA’s and Lunchtime Supervisors can all be sharing the same messages.


“We are each wonderful and unique, But together we are a masterpiece!”

Well done Safeguarding Squad!

#SocialMediaAware (14/06/24)



The Art Of Brilliance have released an interesting and informative blog all about Screen time.


It outlines some of the wonderful things we can do with screen time but also some of the realities and how it can affect us.


The tagline for this blog is one we could all take a moment to consider – When does the fun stop?


Check out their latest blog on screen time here:

Screen Time: When the fun stops… – Art of Brilliance


Mayan Artwork

Mayan Artwork

Over the past few weeks Year 6 have been busy out in Forest School being inspired by nature.

After studying Central and South America in Geography and continuing to look at the Ancient Mayans in History the Year 6’s have been thinking of how they could create a textile piece inspired by the Mayan period of time. This has included creating dyes to colour their fabric and using charcoal to draw out their patterns.

This has gone hand in hand with the natural environment and what patterns they have been able to find from the natural worlds, as the Mayans would have done for their own textiles.




Forest Fossils

Forest School Fossils


Year 6 were back out in Forest school for a small part of the morning creating some fossils using shells and other natural materials from around the forest school area.

They had a morning looking at evolution, looking at where different animals started from and then created what they predict they may evolve into in the future!


Darwin Day 2

Darwin Geography

Our year 6’s this morning continued their learning about Charles Darwin and the HMS Beagle. They began the morning plotting his route on a world map, and followed this up by writing letters home describing their journey, and finally decorating bottles that their letters could be stored in.

Darwin Day


Forest School Science

Some of our Y6’s made use of the good weather today and got out into Forest School to put Charles Darwin’s theory into practise. After starting the morning off doing research into the local, famous scientist, our Year 6 children went out to see how survival of the fittest and natural selection looked in a rather tasty way…


Friendship Week

It’s friendship week here at Apley and what better way to start out week than having our very own Safeguarding Squad talking to us all about how we can prevent Bullying!


The team delivered the assembly to the whole school and gave across some very important messages such as how to help someone if they think they are being bullied, who the children can go to if they are worried and need to talk and how ‘Banter’ can turn into Bullying.


Well Done Safeguarding Squad!


Safeguarding Squad Hate Crime

The Safeguarding Squad delivered an assembly today all about hate crime. They highlighted the key points about how it is a crime and some of the repercussions that could come from it. They emphasised the importance of being inclusive towards everyone!


Summer Safety 13/7/23

Summer Safety

The Safeguarding Squad have worked hard these past few weeks preparing a PowerPoint to share with KS1 & 2 all about how we can all keep safe over summer.


Messages ranged from staying safe in the sun and applying sun cream which is SPF 50 (Sun Protection Factor) to how to stay safe in the sea at the beach. They talked through the meanings of the different flags that often appear at the beach too. These have been displayed around school for a few weeks now so the children become familiar with the flags and their meanings.


A big thank you to the Safeguarding Squad for everything they have done this year to keep our school safe and our students informed. Have a lovely summer and remember to stay SAFE!

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