Year 6 Snow Day

Good morning everyone – happy Snow Day!

Here’s some ideas of things you could do today whilst enjoying the snow. Please take some photos, as we would love to see what you get up to!


3D shape (which was meant to be today’s focus)

Everyone is always keen to dive into the snow to make snow spheres (aka snowballs) but what other 3D objects are you able to make? A cube? Cuboid? Squared based pyramid? Tetrahedron?

Aim big – could you build a snow igloo using snow cuboids (bricks)? How many bricks are needed to make each row?


Poetry (our genre for reading next week)

Write a poem based on the ‘Snow Day’. Consider the emotions an unexpected snow day could cause and the beautiful views which it creates. What type of poem will you write? A haiku? Acrostic? Cinquain? A Shape poem, like the ‘Elevate’ one we studied Wednesday?

Other ideas:

There are so many other exciting activities which you could do. How about you have a go at completing this Snow Day Bingo:

Snow Day Bingo

Have a great day, stay stafe and enjoy the snow!

Miss Whitehouse and Mrs Rowe 🙂